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Year 6 are Let Loose!

Narwhal, Orca, Whole School, Year 6

The end of the school year is fast approaching and for Year 6 this means that they will soon be let loose for the new adventures of secondary school.

Traditionally, Year 6 put on a production for the rest of the school at the end of the year and this year has been no different. This year’s production is called Let Loose; following the adventures the staff and children of Hethertsett Junior School as they visit Slippery Slopes Activity Center.  Through flash backs, the Year 6 teachers explain to the worried parents just how much of a success last years trip was.

Each scene comes complete with its own catchy song which I’m sure you will all be singing for many, many … many days to come. Our thanks to the many family members at home who have helped children to learn their lines and enjoyed their singing rehearsals in the car on the way to school each morning.


Orca, Whole School

Think. Sense. Move. The three factors needed to make a robot is what the children have been exploring this week as we welcomed a robotics expert into our school. Each class spent time looking at different types of robots and how to program them before having a go at making robots move, dance … and even sing!

The children were lucky enough to use the Edison or Ozbot robots and programming systems during their session along with playing with a number of other robots.  We were also treated to an assembly on Wednesday where we were able to see some large machines in action.

We would like to express our thanks to the PTA for funding this event. If you wish to find out more about joining our PTA please contact the school office. All help, big or small, is greatly received.

Space investigations!

Otters, Snow Leopards, Whole School, Year 5

This week in class year 5 have been having fun learning all about SPACE! They have posed some interesting questions which we have been investigating.

How do craters form on the moon?

We learnt all about how meteorites are responsible for creating the craters which we can see on the moon’s surface with the naked eye. Here are some pictures of us investigating why they are all different shapes and sizes:

What happens to your body whilst in space?

In space, due to the lack of gravity, the human body is not put under the same forces and subsequent compression as when on Earth. This allows our height to increase by up to 3% over a period of time when in space conditions. The class were set the challenge of measuring their earth height and then calculating what their height would be in space.

What does it feel like to perform tasks on a space walk?

The children were set the challenge of completing a variety of intricate tasks whilst having to wear adult rubber gloves. This was in an effort to simulate what it must be like when working in space. It was great fun and perseverance was needed!

Year 6 Holt Hall

Narwhal, Orca, Whole School, Year 6

Taking a break from our play rehearsals Year 6 ventured to Slippery Slopes Holt Hall for the 3 days of exciting activities. During our stay Narwhals and Orcas took part in four different challenges: A woodland adventure, raft building, orienteering and rock pooling.

In the woods, children discovered the many types of trees that can be found in the grounds and how some plants can be quite dangerous. We hunted for mini-beasts (finding a frog!) and learnt all about camouflage so the children could make their game of hide and seek even more competitive.  Some us needed a good lay down to recover afterwards. We think we found all the children before we left …  After that we all had a go at den building, with some very comfortable shelters being made.

Raft building was the favourite activity of many of the children. Given its pivotal role in our upcoming play, we treated the Holt Hall staff to a few renditions of our “Let’s build a raft” song as the children got their rafts ship shape and ready for sea. Or a row out to the island in the center of the lake and back. The rafts did stay together and nearly every child returned to Holt Hall without having taken a dunk in the lake.

Orienteering was a good chance for the children to test their geography skills and team work. Many of the children found just how easy it is to get lost in the woods and how important maps are even if they don’t come equipped with the Google Lady. It was a great chance for the children to be let loose and enjoy some time running around.

Rock pooling at West Runton was full of excitement and discoveries, even if the sun did not shine. The crabs and hermit crabs were firm favourites, with watching the sea snails race a close second. Learning how sea foam is created (and why it smells so badly) was a new experience and we all came back with our pockets filled with interesting shells and small fossils. We were not able to find any mammoth fossils this time but some children want to return again soon.

Our evenings were filled with lots of playing outside, eating delicious food and watching a little of the World Cup – bravo France.

Our stay at Holt Hall was huge fun and the children have come home with many happy memories of their last trip as children of Hethersett Junior School.


A visit from Sophie Cleverly

Narwhal, Orca, Otters, Snow Leopards, Whole School

Today the children in Year 5 and 6 were very fortunate to be visited by internationally renowned author Sophie Cleverly. We learnt about her writing process and how her past reading of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett have influenced her writing. Then followed a Q&A session where the children grilled Sophie on her favorite book; how she creates character names; and what is next for Scarlet and Ivy. Sophie showed us how she plans her stories: starting with the ending and working backwards.  We created our own story with her about a diamond and a falsely accused Sherlock Holmes. She also told us how she sometimes starts with the name of a book and works outwards from it.

We were even lucky to get a few hints as to what her new series of books will be about (due to be published in 2019). There was also a chance to meet the author and have a copy of our books signed!

The Library Monitors were also treated to a writing session with Sophie. They used photos of Victorian era St Pancreas Station as their inspiration for mysteries about:

  • A familiar looking figure in tweed who was poisoning the people of London.
  • Terrible twins causing messy chaos in the newly opened hotel.
  • A poor girl beginning outside the station who disappears.
  • How a promising job interview and a train journey leads to an untimely death.

We look forward to reading their finished tales of woe in the weeks to come.