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Gressenhall Trip

Narwhal, Orca, Whole School, Year 6

Today Year 6 were treated to a trip back in time to the Victorian era at Gressenhall Farm and Work House. From listening to characters and exploring the Workhouse, its laundry, school room and kitchens the plucky investigators tried to unravel just who had murdered the popular Annie. Had it been her jilted lover? How about the caring inmate Annie had been unkind to? Or was it the school master who had a dark secret Annie kept over him?

Orcas and Narwhals discovered how life in the workhouse was bad for your health, with a diet of just bread and cheese designed to keep ‘inmates’ alive and stop them from getting too comfortable in their new home. The children had a go at washing clothes by hand and took part in a lesson in the school room where they experienced learning history by singing and reciting facts again and again and again and again.

The students’ costumes looked fantastic – thank you parents for your help in creating them.

If your child would like to visit Gressenhall again, the museum re-opens to the public at the Feburary half-term. More details can be found on their website.

Marvellous Magnets

Puffins, Year 3

Our Year 3 Science topic this term is Magnetism. Experimenting with magnets is not only great fun, but we are learning about forces too. So far the Puffins have discovered that magnets have two ends (poles) which either attract or repel each other. We have found that magnets attract some materials and not others. Magnetic forces can act without direct contact between two objects. As if by magic, we can move objects across the surface of the table without touching them. We are using our new-found knowledge to plan and make games with a partner.






School Council visit the Food Bank

Whole School

Our School Council visited the Norwich Foodbank warehouse today to see how all of our Harvest donations were sorted and given to people in need.

Donations are sorted so that a person, couple or family will have enough food to feed them for three days.  The children sorted some donations and learnt about the importance and differences between Best Before and Use By Dates.   The Councillors also discovered how difficult it can be to find all the food needed for 3 breakfasts, lunches and dinners –  how to get all of the food into one small box. It proved quite a test for their shape and space learning!

Harvest is a very busy time of year for the Foodbank as they are given a huge number of donations. However, they find their stores running low during the summer months. To further support the good work of the Foodbank we will be hosting a cake sale with a difference in July: instead of the usual 20p and 50p donation, we will ask children to bring in a tin or other non-perishable food donation in exchange for a cake. Look out for more details in the School Newsletter closer to the time.

Thank you for all your donations during Harvest Festival.

Victorians Learning Log

Narwhal, Orca, Whole School, Year 6

We have a new Learning Log in Year 6, bringing home your child’s study of the Victorians.

There are a range of activities to look forward to: from designing clothes; baking Victorian sweet treats; to researching your family tree back to the Victorian Era and writing about one of your ancestors.  As mentioned on the Learning Log, we expect children to complete at least 5 activities alongside their reading, SPaG and Maths homework. This might sound like a lot, but we want the Learning Log in the week after the Christmas Holidays which allows more than 2 months to complete 5 pieces.

If you need any advice or support with the Learning Log please ask one of the Year 6 team in person at the end of the school day or via email.

We look forward to seeing your creations!

You can download an electronic copy of the Learning Log below:

Victorian Homework Log 2018

Changing Materials

Macaws, Otters, Snow Leopards, Whole School, Year 5

This week Year 5 have been investigating the properties and changes to materials.

Day 1: Reversible and Irreversible Changes

We have been testing both reversible and irreversible changes. Our first challenge was to see what happened when the following substances were combined:

Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda,

Lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda,

Washing powder and lemon juice,

Vitamin C tablets and water


Day 2: Filtering
Today we have been learning all about how to separate solids and liquids through the process of filtering. As part of our investigation we chose three different materials to experiment making filters out of.

The materials we tested included:

Filter paper
Paper towels

The class enjoyed trying to filter the muddy water to produce something that resembled clean water. We discussed the fact that the mud was insoluble due to the fact that it did not dissolve in the water. On day three, we planned to look at soluble materials and how they dissolve in liquids.

Day 3: A Muddy Mess

We continued to explore and investigate separating materials on a much larger scale. We were given the challenge of separating these insoluble materials and returning them to their original state: mud, water, paper clips, chick peas, pasta, rice and stones. Both classes had the following equipment to choose from: sieve, funnel, magnets, beakers, filter materials, cups and trays.  We had to write our own instructions to follow before getting very messy hands.

How Hill Day 2 and 3

Dolphins, Whole School, Year 4

The Dolphins’ adventure continued on Thursday with a fantastic boat trip and thatching a roof. Thankfully the Dolphins are skilled thatchers and avoided water coming through their roofs!

The afternoon was filled with owl pellet dissection (a firm favourite with the children), exploring a wherry boat and an exciting game of hawks and blackbirds where we learnt all about food chains.

Friday morning soon came and, after packing our bags, we started our last activities.

First we made some woodland art before using our map reading skills in orienteering.

After a final lunch, we sadly boarded the coach to head back to school.

Well done to the Dolphins for a fantastic trip!